SECON converts flexible raw materials into customized parts and components. Select one of our capabilities below to learn more or contact us now if you have any questions or inquiries.

single-knife slitting

Single-Knife Slitting

From very small diameter kit rolls to 30" diameter production rolls.

foam splitting & skiving

Splitting / Skiving

Any thickness you desire. Loop-splitting available for longer-length rolls.

adhesive lamination

Adhesive Lamination

Wide-web and multi-layer lamination available. Peel and stick.

die cutting


Endless possibilities. Rotary, flatbed, and "kiss-cut" die-cutting available.

flash cutting


Fast and precise. CAD compatible. Perfect for rapid prototypes.



Long-length continuous spools. Great for high-volume applications.

slitter rewinding

Slitter Rewinding

Razor blade, shear-cut, and score-cut slitting systems available.

foam sheets


Custom rubber, sponge, and foam sheets. With or without adhesive.

shrink sealing foam tape

Packaging & Shrink-Seal

Individually sealed, bagged, and packaged parts and rolls.