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Welcome to SECON, where we specialize in manufacturing setting blocks that enhance the performance and longevity of your glazing systems, since 1997. Our glass setting blocks, available in a variety of compounds with or without adhesive, provide optimal spacing and safeguard insulated glass during expansion and contraction cycles. Contact us now.

Why Glass Setting Blocks Are Important:

Setting blocks play a crucial role in ensuring the success of your glazing systems. Placed between the glass and the sash at the base of the glazing pocket, setting blocks provide proper spacing and protect insulated glass against breakage during expansion and contraction cycles.

Types of Setting Blocks We Offer:

Neoprene Setting Blocks:

Our neoprene setting blocks, designed for durability and flexibility, resist weathering and UV exposure. These blocks ensure reliable spacing and protection for your glass, accommodating expansion and contraction cycles effortlessly.

Silicone Setting Blocks:silicone glass setting block

Choose SECON’s silicone setting blocks for superior temperature resistance and weatherability. Commonly used for silicone compatibility in commercial applications, these blocks offer reliable support and protection, ensuring a secure fit for your glass installations over the long term.

EPDM Setting Blocks:

SECON’s EPDM setting blocks, made from synthetic rubber, offer exceptional weather resistance. Flexible and durable, they ensure reliable spacing and glass protection, ideal for various environmental conditions.

TPE Setting Blocks:

Developed for residential and commercial applications, our TPE setting blocks are designed to resist plasticizer migration into sealant, offering a lower-cost option for high-volume residential window manufacturers.

Custom Setting Blocks:

Tailor your solutions with SECON’s custom setting blocks, crafted with any material you need, in any size, ensuring a perfect match for your project specifications. Our commitment to precision and attention to detail guarantees setting blocks that seamlessly integrate into your glazing systems.

Why SECON’s Glass Setting Blocks?

1. Expertise & Experience: With decades of experience, SECON brings unparalleled expertise to your glazing projects. Trust our seasoned professionals for reliable solutions.

2. Versatile Product Range: SECON offers a diverse range of glass setting blocks and accessories, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to your glazing needs.

3. Exceptional Support: Count on SECON for exceptional customer support at every stage of your project. Our dedicated team is ready to assist with personalized guidance.

various sizes of glass setting blocks

Your Go-To Setting Blocks Manufacturer

In summary, SECON delivers reliable glass setting blocks tailored to your glazing needs. With a commitment to precision and versatility, our products ensure secure fits and lasting performance in various applications.

Contact us now for superior setting blocks and expertise that elevate your glazing installations.