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At SECON, we take pride in being a leading manufacturer and supplier of top-notch foam glazing tapes tailored for window and door applications. In addition, all our glazing tapes are listed on the AAMA Verified Components List, assuring you of the highest industry standards.

Why Choose SECON for Glazing Tape?

Precision Engineering for Optimal Performance:

Discover SECON’s superior quality window glazing tapes, precisely slit by our state-of-the-art computerized slitting machines. Available in any width you desire—most commonly 3/8″ and 1/2″our glazing tapes are rolled on a 3″ core tube for seamless compatibility with automated application equipment.

Tailored Solutions for Every Window Glazing Application:

Our diverse product line allows us to put the right glazing tape in the right application. Whether your application requires quick-stick, heat resistance, durability in harsh humid environments, low surface energy profiles, or compatibility with various materials like wood or painted aluminum, we have a combination of foam and adhesive that will work for you.

Diverse Glazing Tape Options:

Explore our diverse range of glazing tapes, each crafted for specific applications, providing reliable solutions for your window and door sealing requirements.

slit PSA foam tape rolls

  • VHB (Very High Bond) Glazing Tape: A double-sided adhesive powerhouse, perfect for structural glazing applications.
  • EPDM Rubber Glazing Tape: Exhibits excellent weather resistance, ideal for outdoor applications.
  • Neoprene Glazing Tape: Known for durability and resistance to weathering, ensuring dependable sealing performance.
  • PVC Foam Glazing Tape: Flexible and adaptable, designed for sealing gaps in windows and doors.
  • Acrylic Glazing Tape: Ideal for structural applications. Transparent, grey and black options available.
  • Pressure-Sensitive Glazing Tape: Adheres upon the application of pressure, ensuring easy installation for a variety of uses.
  • Polyethylene Glazing Tape: AAMA approved for residential and commercial windows and doors. Available in black, white, and silver grey with a variety of adhesive systems, including acrylic and rubber-based, for diverse substrates.

Whatever your project demands, we have the material for you. Our glazing tapes are precision-engineered to meet your unique requirements, ensuring optimal performance and long-lasting reliability.

Unmatched Expertise and Service:

Benefit from our decades of industry expertise. The SECON team is dedicated to providing not only superior products but also unmatched service. Have questions about our glazing tapes? Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you now.

Elevate Your Window Glazing Tape Experience

Seal the deal with SECON’s premium foam glazing tapes for your windows and doors. Our tailored solutions are crafted to fit seamlessly into your unique application.

Contact us now to discuss your specific window and door glazing tape needs.