Neoprene / EPDM / SBR Blend

Neoprene / EPDM / SBR Blend

 Chloroprene / Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer / Styrene Butadiene Rubber

Our Neoprene / EPDM / SBR blend is an economical closed-cell foam. Blending these polymers creates a product with a good balance of physical properties, popular in many industrial applications. Our blends range from very soft to very firm, and include flame retardant and UL listed options.

SECON supplies Neoprene / EPDM / SBR foam in bulk and manufactures customized products like weatherstripping, gaskets, foam tape, and more to meet your specific needs.

Standards & Grades:

  • ASTM D1056-00: 2A1-2A5 & 2C1-2C5
  • ASTM D1056-67: SCE41-SCE45

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Neoprene / EPDM / SBR Features

  • Economical
  • Fine closed cell structure
  • UV and ozone resistant
  • Medium oil swell
  • UL flame ratings
  • Automotive certifications
  • UL recognized gasket material

Average Temperature Range: -40°F to 250°F

Neoprene / EPDM / SBR Applications

Neoprene / EPDM / SBR Material Data Sheets

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