Slitter Rewinding

Slitter Rewinding

Our automatic slitting & rewinding systems slit a master log into custom width rolls while simultaneously rewinding those rolls into custom lengths.

Slitting and rewinding is perfect for producing finished rolls of self-adhesive & non-adhesive materials, foam tapes, films, foils, laminated foams, and more.

SECON’s slitter rewinders provide the ability to slit and rewind the most difficult light gauge films & complex laminated materials. Our slitter rewinder machines can be configured with razor blade, shear-cut, and score-cut slitting systems to accommodate diverse applications.

If you have any questions or inquiries about our slitter rewinding services, contact us now.

Slitter Rewinding Benefits

  • Precision slit rolls
  • Flat rolls / Prep rolls
  • No blade deflection
  • Longer roll lengths
  • Clean dry edge
  • Cost effective

Slitter Rewinding Common Materials

  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
  • Plastic Release Liner
  • Paper Release Liner
  • Foils / Films / Facings
  • Double Coated Foams
  • Thin Foam

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