PORON® Foam | Gaskets, Tape, & More

PORON® Foam | Gaskets, Tape, & More

 SECON is a Preferred Converter of Rogers PORON®

Leading the Industry in Innovative PORON® Foam Solutions

Since 1997, SECON has specialized in providing PORON® gaskets, tape, and more, catering to diverse industrial needs with precision and quality. As a result, our focus on PORON foam has made us a preferred supplier for businesses seeking reliable, high-performance materials for a range of applications. Dedicated to meeting the unique requirements of each client, SECON stands as a leader in the field of PORON foam solutions. Our PORON products are available in various formats including:

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What is PORON® Foam?

To start, PORON® foam by Rogers Corporation is a unique microcellular urethane with exceptional compression set resistance and high energy absorption. Its open-cell design offers lasting resilience against repeated impacts, while its viscoelastic nature ensures shape retention and cushioning after compression—essential for dependable performance under pressure. Additionally, PORON is easy to work with, cuts cleanly, and is compatible with various adhesives, offering excellent chemical resistance and design versatility.

Rogers Preferred Converter

The Advantage of Choosing a Rogers Preferred Converter

As a Rogers Preferred Converter, SECON is part of an exclusive group of companies authorized to sell Rogers PORON® foam. Our close relationship with Rogers ensures our clients receive only authentic, top-quality PORON materials—and the expertise to go with it.

Over decades of partnership and as a long-time Rogers Preferred Converter, Secon has proved to be a converter of the highest caliber. Beyond the design expertise and highest-quality manufacturing, Secon is a company made up of caring, problem-solvers. As a supplier to Secon, I have witnessed firsthand the many ways that Secon partners within the supply chain to meet the needs of their customers, finding creative solutions to the toughest challenges.
Sales Engineer at Rogers Corp.

Why SECON Stands Out as Your PORON® Supplier

Decades of PORON® Expertise:

Initially, choosing SECON for PORON® materials means partnering with experts. Our decades of experience ensure top-quality solutions. We understand the critical nature of PORON materials in your products and dedicate ourselves to meeting your specific needs with precision and care.

die cutting custom foam parts

Diverse Converting Capabilities:

At the same time, our ability to customize PORON® foam sets us apart. We tailor PORON to your specific needs, available with or without adhesive. Whether it’s for die cuts, gaskets, foam tapes, or sheets, we deliver solutions that align with your unique project requirements.

Wide Range of PORON® Products:

In addition to full logs of PORON®, we offer a variety of specialized products tailored to meet diverse industry needs. These items include:

  • PORON® Sheets: At SECON, you’ll find an extensive selection of PORON foam sheets, customizable for a variety of applications. Whether for industrial use or specialized projects, our sheets ensure reliability and adaptability.
  • PORON® Gaskets: We specialize in crafting custom PORON gaskets that provide optimal sealing and protection. Each gasket is tailored to precise specifications, ensuring performance and durability in various applications.
  • PORON® Tape: SECON’s high-quality PORON tape is recognized for its superior compression and durability. Ideal for sealing and cushioning applications, our PORON tape can be customized to meet your project’s specific requirements.

Our commitment to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction drives us to provide solutions, not just products, tailored to your unique project needs.

Extensive Selection of PORON® Materials:

Not to mention, SECON offers a comprehensive range of PORON® materials, each tailored for specific applications. Some of our most popular PORON materials include:

  • PORON® 4701-60: High-density and robust, the PORON 4701-60 is ideal for environments requiring impact resistance and durability. Its strength makes it a top choice for industrial and automotive applications.
  • PORON® 4701-50: Offering a balance between cushioning and durability, the medium-density PORON 4701-50 is versatile for protective equipment and electronic vibration damping.
  • PORON® 4701-40: The softer PORON 4701-40 is perfect for applications needing gentle cushioning, such as sound damping in electronic devices and protective seals in wearable technology.
  • PORON® 4701-30: The softest variant, PORON 4701-30, provides exceptional flexibility, making it ideal for delicate applications in sensitive electronic components.

Select any PORON material below to view the technical data sheet:

Our full range of PORON materials ensures the perfect fit for your project. If you require a specific material not listed here, please reach out to us and we’ll get it in your hands.

PORON® foam gasket

Your Go-To Source for PORON®

Ultimately, SECON stands as your definitive choice for innovative and high-quality PORON® foam solutions. Along with our consistent stock of materials ensuring quick lead times, our dedicated team of experts is here to help you select the perfect material and craft an ideal product that meets your precise specifications.

Contact us now to experience the SECON difference.