Silicone – Foam

Silicone - Foam

Silicone Foams are manufactured in a wide range of product offerings. Liquid silicones are cast on a release carrier or specific substrate to provide solutions for many types of applications. This process creates a very smooth skin, available in both open and closed cell formulations. Silicone Foams come in a very broad range of force to compress, from extremely soft to very firm.

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Silicone Foam Features

  • Mechanical fatigue resiliency
  • Compression-set and creep resistance
  • Very low toxic gas emissions when exposed to fire
  • Ozone and ultraviolet resistance

Average Temperature Range: -65°F to +400°F

Available Specifications & Certifications:

  • UL 94 V-0 and HF1
  • UL 50 and UL 50E
  • BMS1-23 and BMS1-60
  • FDA, NSF
  • Automotive

Silicone Foam Applications


  • Extreme sealing in extreme environmental conditions
  • Mechanical resiliency
  • Weatherstripping
  • Enclosure seals
  • Sponge tapes
  • Heat shields
  • Gaskets


  • Low compressions force deflection (CFD)
  • Moisture seals
  • Dust seals
  • Cushions