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Muntin Tape for Stick-On Window Muntins

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First and foremost, SECON is a leading manufacturer of high-quality muntin tape, offering practical and reliable solutions for contemporary windows and doors. We design our muntin tape to permanently attach external muntin bars to glass, ideal for creating simulated divided light (SDL) windows and doors. External muntin bars add traditional style to your window designs, while maintaining the energy-efficient benefits of modern glass. Contact us today for all your muntin tape needs.

stick-on window muntinsWhat is Muntin Tape?

Muntin tape is an adhesive tape designed to secure external muntin bars to glass surfaces. For modern window designs, stick-on muntin bars add a decorative touch to create the illusion of traditional divided light windows and doors—while keeping the energy efficiency of modern double or triple pane glass. This approach is cheaper than framing individual panes. And, it’s more reliable, with a single glazing seam for the entire window, instead of per frame. In other words, muntin tape plays a crucial role in achieving a classic look with the practicality of a modern window.

Easy Stick-On Muntin Bar Installation

What’s more, SECON’s muntin tape is versatile. It’s compatible with various muntin bar materials and glass surfaces, making it perfect for all types of stick-on window muntins. This includes aluminum, wood, vinyl, and more. While typically applied by manufacturers, it can be used in any dry, clean environment. In short, simply cut, peel, and stick.

For detailed application instructions, check out our comprehensive muntin tape application guide.3m window muntin tape

Premium Materials for Lasting Stick-On Window Muntins

So, what’s it made out of? We typically use a high-quality polyethylene foam combined with a durable, weather-resistant adhesive compound, or the renowned 3M™ VHB™ tape, depending on your needs. Our premium materials ensure a strong, long-lasting bond for your stick-on window and door muntins.

Customization for Perfect Stick-On Muntin Bars

Additionally, we understand that every window or door project is unique. As a result, we offer the flexibility to customize materials and the width and of your muntin tape. However, we recommend selecting a tape width that is slightly narrower (by 1/32″ to 1/16″) than the muntin bar for a perfect fit, ensuring a flawless look. SECON can also provide spools of muntin tape for high-volume applications.

Why Choose SECON for Muntin Tape?

  • Quality Materials: SECON manufactures muntin tape from high-quality closed-cell polyethylene foam and a weather-resistant adhesive compound, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Complete Customization: We offer flexibility in choosing the tape size, length of rolls, and adhesive strength that precisely matches the specific needs of your stick-on window muntins project.
  • Effortless Installation: We design our SDL muntin tape for easy and efficient application, simplifying the installation process for stick-on muntin bars.
  • Industry Expertise: SECON brings decades of industry expertise to the table, ensuring that you receive top-tier support and guidance throughout your project.

stick-on window muntin bars

Your Go-To Muntin Tape Manufacturer

To sum up, SECON crafts premium muntin tape for your external muntin bars, essential in creating energy-efficient, simulated divided light (SDL) windows with a timeless charm. Stick-on muntin bars streamline manufacturing, reducing glazing seams for enhanced durability and cost-effectiveness. Ultimately, SECON’s muntin tape helps provide the perfect blend of classic appeal and modern practicality for your windows and doors.

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