Flash Cutting

Flash Cutting

Flash cutting is a dieless, automated, reciprocating knife cutting system that utilizes a CNC machine to create custom parts in a matter of minutes. SECON’s state-of-the-art flash cutters operate on autoCAD files—allowing for unlimited customizations, quickly and easily.

Equipped with an oscillating knife and powerful automation technology, our flash cutters are extremely fast, accurate, and minimize material waste using an automatic nesting software that increases yields while lowering the cost of parts.

If you have any questions or inquiries about SECON’s flash cutting services, contact us now, and we’ll help.

Flash Cutting Benefits

  • No tooling or die costs
  • Easy ‘upload & cut’ software
  • Perfect for rapid prototyping
  • Capable of larger gaskets and shapes
  • Custom shapes, parts, and gaskets—fast

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