Die Cutting

Die Cutting

SECON has unlimited die cutting capabilities. Kiss-cut, perforation, multi-level, scrap web removal, knockouts, and more. From very small to very large. Individually cut parts per your specifications are available with and without pressure sensitive adhesive.

Our diverse die cutting capabilities can be optimized to meet your specific application needs. Allow us to help you decide which die cutting method will result in both production efficiencies and cost savings.

If you have any questions about SECON’s die cutting services, just reach out to us and we’ll be glad to help.

Rotary die cutting is an automated process that cuts material into predetermined shapes and sizes. Sheets or rolls of material are fed through a rolling die which cuts or perforates your desired shape, depositing the finished parts down the line, while removing the scrap material.

Rotary Die Cutting Benefits:

  • Precision tight tolerances
  • Kiss cut, perforate, throughcut
  • Great for high volume applications
  • Quick tooling turnaround
  • Rolls, sheets, and industrial parts
  • Best for high volume tapes, films, felts, flocking, thin foams with or without adhesive

With flatbed die cutting—commonly referred to as ‘clicker-cut’ or ‘punch-cut’—custom shapes are stamped into the material using steel rule dies and hydraulic presses.

Flatbed Die Cutting Benefits:

  • Tight tolerances
  • Cost effective (lower tooling cost)
  • Accommodates low to high volume production runs
  • Kiss cut, perforate, throughcut
  • Rolls and sheets
  • Great for large die cuts
  • Capable of thicker materials

All of SECON’s custom die cut parts can be ‘kiss cut’ to the adhesive release liner.

So what is kiss cutting? It’s when our cutting tool cuts through the adhesive backed foam or rubber, but only ‘kisses’ the adhesive backing—keeping it in tact—and leaving you with a sheet or roll of easy peel & stick parts.

Kiss cutting allows the end-user to remove individual parts from a common backing, so there’s no need to pick adhesive release liner from individual parts.

Our kiss cut parts are available in rolls or sheets, and always supplied on an easy-peel liner.

Benefits of Kiss Cutting:

  • Peel and stick user friendly
  • Common release liner
  • Tabbing options
  • Rolls and sheets
  • Best for medium to high volume

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